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Harvesting projections

Body Poem harvests projections that might otherwise keep us in separation from ourselves and each other. It supports us accessing censored parts of ourselves that might otherwise unconsciously project into our environments and each other.

Projections can be understood as the psychic mechanism whose original function is to separate out from ourselves what is painful to digest and integrate in order to see it outside of ourselves so we can digest it with the support of others. Dream Form, Dream Poem and Body Poem literally harvest these projections differentiating literal meaning from embodied meaning.

If you imagine we are all like trees with the dramas of our dreams and life experiences playing out in our branches.
When a bird lands in one of our branches or we bud new experiences or some of our leaves fall to the ground, these experiences resonate all the way down our trunks into our roots and the roots from where we came from connecting to our ancestral roots.

Words are like these birds that land in our voices in the branches of others around us just as the birds in words of others land in ours. We can sometimes feel the heartbeat from these words or sometimes we don’t even notice them landing.

When we’ve been hurt before, it can be hard to notice again and our words can be in flight and never landing with nobody is listening or feeling… in case it hurts.
Dream Poem and Body Poem can help these words in flight held in objects, animals, plants, trees, and people around us come home to land in branches. When we listen to what our projections are saying, they resonate with the parts of us inside feeling listened to. This process de-couples the words from the literal projections and these words resonate in our memory channels bringing alive inside what’s been alive outside of us in projections into the world around us. This is integration.

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