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Certificate in Sexological Bodywork™(CSB)

& Certificate in Relational Embodiment (CRE)


Directed & Choreographed by Katie Sarra


This first year certificate in Relational Embodiment and Sexological Bodywork prepares practitioners to teach somatic sex education to individuals, couples and groups. It is an experiential training which provides direct somatic learning opportunities that emphasise erotic embodiment. Participants learn a variety of Somatic Sex Education™ modalities, including sensate focus, the Wheel of Consent®, mindful genital mapping and massage, anal touch, prostate massage, breath work, scar tissue remediation and Erotic Embodiment coaching.


These modalities are learned primarily through experiencing them yourself, in your own body. The erotic education in this course is communal: we learn from each other and with each other. You will reflect on your experiences in writing and read the reflections of the other students. Thus, participants experience how humans learn sex – through mindful, self-directed practice over time.


This training makes use of online learning, video conferences, home erotic practice sessions, video demonstrations, a supervised practicum, and communal practice. During the in-person Modules 2 and 4, Embodiment Weeks, participants and instructors gather to hone erotic skills, to explore communal erotic trance states, and to connect with their colleagues in the new profession of Somatic Sex Education™.

We strive to create a radically inclusive space and welcome diversity in age, race, culture, professional background, life experience, sexual orientation, and gender identities, characteristics and expressions.

Course structure

Some of the most profound embodied learning in the Somatic Sex Education™ training takes place during the self-directed study and somatic explorations.


The foundations in relational embodiment 6 day retreat begins with an exploration of Dr. Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent® and the Clean Language and Body Poem coaching models which support client directed practice. This provides a context and ethical framework for the entire training.


Curiosity and mindful somatic practice over time are the core of the home study program.


A private forum facilitates the sharing of homework assignments, while providing a place for online discussions and communications with the instructors. The online home study workbooks direct the practice sessions providing course material and video viewing.


Each student submits weekly reports onto the community forum sharing their reflections and learning edges as core competencies are exercised and developed. These provide the framework of the training with an emphasis on the ethics of bodywork and embodiment practices that support integration with inhabiting new ways of being.


We meet online together for 18 Wednesdays during modules 1, 3 & 5.


Students will need to allocate at least 25 hours a week for modules 1 & 3 and are encouraged to self-direct and time manage their home study between practice sessions with volunteers and the study of video and texts.


Completing the embodiment practice reports in modules 1 & 3 is prerequisite for attending the Embodiment Weeks that follow each of these modules.


In each of Modules 1, 3 & 5 there are 6 online community meetings attended by first and second-year students and the core teacher team 3.00 pm – 8 pm Wednesday. Here, we come together as a whole community for online teaching sessions and practice. Included in this time will be “pod meetings”, where students meet together in small groups with their coach for focused supervision and reflective practice. During each of these modules, visiting teachers contribute their specialisms to the curriculum alongside core teacher team facilitated webinars.

Module 1: 5 June – 6 August 2023

The curriculum includes self-practice, working with volunteers, assignments, study, and reflective practice with our first Wednesday community gathering creating our course container and relationship agreements that support inclusivity for everyone’s ability to participate. This part of the curriculum facilitates students inhabiting ethics on the inside with the foundational relational embodiment practitioner micro-skills that will be practiced throughout the training. These practices support developing practitioner core competencies  in emotional and erotic fluency and response flexibility. 

The areas of exploration include somatic and semantic communications of self-expression using “Body Focusing”, “Clean Language” and “Body Poem” coaching models, We also study and practice “The Wheel of Consent”, and learn about “The Right use of Power”. Affective relational neuroscience and ecosystem perspectives are woven in with all of the teachings and practices. Throughout this module you will engage in your self- assessment of the core competencies that are being practiced, writing a reflection piece of 300 words and posting this on our online learning management platform. You coach will respond and you are required to respond to two other students’ reflection pieces of your choice.

Module 2: 5 – 10 September 2023

We meet together as a community for 6 days in-person to practice the curriculum from Module 1 with education and practices that prepare for working with volunteers as part of the Module 3 curriculum. Students practice in groups of 3 in the Client, Witness and Practitioner roles, enhancing practitioner understandings in each role.

Students learn the Engage, Study, Activate and Integrate model of facilitating group work for learning and inhabiting new ways of being in community.

The days begin with morning practice at 8.30am and end each day at 6.30pm with one evening session on day 4.

Module 3: 2 October – 5 November 2023

The curriculum includes self-practice, working with volunteers, assignments, study, and reflective practice with the continuation of the online community Wednesday gatherings in the same format as Module 1. This part of the curriculum focuses on understanding the differences between the treatment and coaching models in relation to genital and anal mapping, sensation and pleasure mapping and “Scar Tissue Remediation”. We are visited by Ellen Heed who guides our understanding of genital and anal anatomy, the nervous systems, the enteric nervous system and working with scars. Alongside the biological, anatomical and chemical models of understanding, genital identity, gender identity, sexual expression, emotional and physical repair processes are explored. Ethical enquiries are continued with understanding visible and invisible disability and the ability to belong and participate. 

During these explorations, aspects of the self are touched and awakened into awareness and this self- reflective practice begins the illumination of core erotic themes that may be emerging that can prepare the ground for understanding your unique purpose as a practitioner in service.

Module 4: 28 November – 3 December 2023

We meet together as a community for 6 days in-person to practice the curriculum from Modules 1,2 & 3 with education and practices that prepare for working with Clients as part of the Module 5 curriculum. 

Students continue learning the Engage, Study, Activate and Integrate model of facilitating group work for learning and inhabiting new ways of being in community.

The days begin with morning practice at 8.30am and end each day at 6.30pm with one evening session on day 4.

During these 6 days the focus is on continuing to develop the relational embodiment and sexological bodywork core competencies. The curriculum includes session structure, creating relationship agreements, somatic assessment practices, genital mapping, anal mapping, active receiving and arousal, the ethics and care when working with limerence and hostility and working outside of attraction and dis-attraction. We will explore common presenting concerns that a client might bring and review core competencies and learning edges.  We will practice full authentic sessions using the full session structure, in groups of 3 in the Client, Witness and Practitioner roles, enhancing practitioner understandings in each role.

Module 5: 8 January – 24 March 2024

The curriculum includes self-practice, working with clients and engaging in reflective practice with the continuation of the online community Wednesday gatherings in the same format as Modules 1 & 3.

During this module, as part of the online Wednesday community gatherings, students facilitate a 75 min online class of your choice from a list of suggested topics in groups of 3.

During this module, students practice 30 full sessions “Learning Credits “ translating learning edges into learning objectives and relationship agreements that support the learning of the client inhabiting new ways of being. The first 5 “Learning Credits” are self -directed sessions that address practitioner learning edges in preparation for working with supporting clients with their learning edges. 

Alongside the pod group meetings, students meet 1-1 with their coach every five learning credits to review and self-assess core competencies and learning edges with these.

After 15 learning credits, students submit 5 videos of sessions alongside the session report forms. After the final coaching session, after 30 learning credits have been approved, certification to practice is submitted to the School.


Fill in the Enrollment form below to register your place on the Certificate of Relational Embodiment and Certificate in Sexological Bodywork training


CRE / CSB : 5 June 2023 – 24 March 2024

The price of the training is £5,672

Payment excludes travel and accommodation on the embodiment intensive retreats.

Enrolment open until 12th May 2023

Pre - Requisites

Foundations in Relational Embodiment

Foundations in Relational Embodiment 6 day in person training is now required as a
pre-requisite for the Certificate in Relational Bodywork and Sexological Bodywork trainings.

Click here for more information and to book your accommodation…

Portugal: 24 – 29 January 2023 /or/ 3 – 8 February 2023

UK: 24 – 29 April 2023


Please make sure you have read and signed the following Agreement forms before booking.

These agreemments cover the Foundations in Relational Embodiment
and the Certificate in Somatic Sex Education trainings


Foundations in Relational Embodiment (Pre-Requisite): £660

Certificate in Sexological Bodywork and Embodied Sex Coaching (Modules 1 – 5): £5,672

* Early bird £5,234 when paid in full by 30th January 2022.

All course fees must be paid in full or with a payment plan by 12th May 2023.

A non-refundable* deposit of £500 plus £660 for the prerequisite training reserves your place.

Installment payment plans are available by arrangement and can begin any time in the lead-up to Module 1 and must be paid in full by the end of Module 5. (There is a 5% charge for this loan and we also recommend you research possible better rates elsewhere as we are not a financial institution)

The course fees include:

  • Online access to the curriculum and student forums
  • Demonstration videos
    Live community webinars in Modules 1, 4 & 5 with the course directors and visiting teachers
  • On-line small group coaching for Modules 1 & 4
  • 2 six-day In-person Embodiment retreats facilitated by the teaching team
  • 1-1 Learning edge coaching sessions for Module 1 -5
  • 1-1 Supervision for Module 5
  • One-year membership to The New School of Erotic Touch and The Orgasmic Yoga Institute, the major online resources for Somatic Sex Educators.

The course fees do not include:

  • Travel, food or accommodation for the 6-day Embodiment retreats.
  • Required books. With additional books from our recommended reading list.

Our four core texts are:

  • Morin J (1995) The Erotic Mind: Inner Pathways for Sexual Excitement. Headline [also sold as: The Erotic Mind: Unlocking the Inner Sources of Passion and Fulfillment (2012) Harper Perennial]

  • Cornell AW (1996) The Power Of Focusing: Finding Your Inner Voice. New Harbinger

  • Anatomy of Erotic Anatomy and Arousal video course by Cyndi Darnell is our main anatomy “text”. Like the rest of the reading list the cost of this is not included in the course fee, however there is a discount code supplied to students

  • Pelmas C (2017) Trauma: A Practical Guide to Working with Body and Soul; A Somatic Sex Educator’s Handbook. The Rewilding Press. A PDF of this book is supplied free to students.

You are not required to read the books before the course starts, however, if you choose to, you would have a head start. There are more titles in the full recommended reading list, including some online texts you can access free from there.

The School of Relational Embodiment has a commitment to capacity-building in disadvantaged groups who may be under-represented in the field of somatic sex education. We, therefore, offer a bursary of 70% of the full course fees, to two or more Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic (BAME) and/or trans students, equal to 10% of our available places on the course. Please apply here.

In addition, The Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers (ACSB) has a worldwide “BIPOC Scholarship Fund”. For these awards, the School of Relational Embodiment donates 30% of the figure received back to the ACSB BIPOC Scholarship Fund. You can apply here.


If we were to cancel the training, for any reason, the deposit would be refundable.

If we were to cancel parts of the training, for any reason, you will receive the appropriate percentage refund of modules that you have missed, unless you re-enter the training at the next scheduled opportunity, which would be from Module 2 at the beginning again. In this circumstance, there would be no refunds given and no extra course fees would be required.


If you are unable to complete the training, for any reason, there is no refund but we will, in some circumstances, consider deferral of your place to the following year.

The training is a community learning experience with everybody co-creating the course container agreements from the beginning. Therefore, it is not possible to come back in, part of the way through the training, due to the intimate depths of community learning and participation that is central in this curriculum. You will, therefore in these circumstances, be required to attend and pay to re-attend from Module 2 up to the end of the module that you left in. (excluding Module 1, unless addressing core competencies in erotic and emotional fluency is required to re-enter Module 2).

* N.B.

If you are not accepted onto Modules 1-5 after you have completed the prerequisite training, and you have paid in full for Modules 1-5 already (e.g. to qualify for the Early Bird price), you will receive a refund minus the price of the pre-requisite training (£660)

See full terms and conditions here.

We create a culture of mutual welcoming. This means we invite people into our experience. This means quieter voices are invited and welcomed. This means that everyone in this gets to belong fully to this group. Through acts of positive affirmation, celebrating each other’s risks, failures and successes, and offering loving feedback when requested, we come to belong to each other as educators weaving a world of liberation.’ – Pavini Moray

The Sexological Bodywork Certification Training is a professional development training, and the expectation is that communication between participants will be inclusive and kind.

The Sexological Bodywork Certification Training is a professional development training, and the expectation is that participants will have their own support structures in place in line with their personal needs.

Our private learning forum supports connection, houses our reflections and provides a place to post questions during and after the training. There will be group supervision in place, understanding our rhythms, timings, choices, resonances and attuned with our gut and heart’s felt sense and the dynamics of why and how it supports integration, acceptance, and belonging.

To enroll for the Certificate in Relational Embodiment (CRE) & Certificate in Sexological Bodywork (CSB) training please complete the enrolment form below.

You will be invited to a group zoom call with facilitators where you can ask questions and find out if this is the right training for you.

After the zoom call you will be invited to join the 6 day Foundations In Relational Bodywork pre-requisite training in either the UK or Portugal.

LocationS for Embodiment Intensives

From Above
Warmth & Shade

We have two beautiful retreat centres for the in person modules in Ericeira (On the coast near Lisbon) and

Castanheira de Pêra (In the mountains of Central Portugal)

Full venue details, travel directions and payment links for accommodation will be provided during enrolment.


Each day’s schedule is 10am to 6:30pm


Please note training costs are in uk pounds and accommodation for Portugal is in euros please ensure to pay the current market exchange rate at the time of booking.

(Cost of accommodation 330 euros for the 7 nights everyone arriving the day before and departing the day after)


Please note – breakfast included in Ericeira and Lunch included in Castanheira de Pêra

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