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Juian Marcus

Julian Marcus

Creative-Director of Body Poem
Relational Bodyworker & Somatic Sexologist
EMAIL julian@bodypoem.org

Julian Marcus

Julian has passionately immersed himself in somatics for over two decades training, practicing and teaching bodywork and embodiment.

He is the founder of Lucid Learning teaching Relational Bodywork and supporting practitioners and public find their embodied felt-sense clarity in choice, relationships and life.  The focus of this work follows his main passions which include combining Body Poem and Bodywork as one of the core practices. This is a powerful alchemy of client lead coaching and touch.

Katie and Julian have collaborated for some 11 years now providing each other an ongoing source of inspiration for each others artistic and therapeutic practices and teaching offerings.

Julian’s practice specialism is relational bodywork and somatic sexology which he uses together as an alchemy so support others find their embodied health.

East meets west deeply in this work, integrating ancient Chi Kung and Taoist alchemy practices with modern neuroscience, Wheel of Consent® and embodiment practices to foster fuller personal life leadership and symbiotic win-win community creation.

“The key to immortality is to first live a life worth remembering.”
– Bruce Lee

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