Training and Certification facilitated by Katie Sarra, Phoebe Garland and Robyn Dalzen.


Presented by The School of Relational Embodiment

in collaboration with:

The Sea School of Embodiment

& The Institute of Somatic Sexology


 recognised by The Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers (ACSB)


Certificate in Sexological Bodywork (CSB)
Certificate in Somatic Sex Education (CSSE)

Foundations in Relational Embodiment (FRE)
Certificate in Relational Embodiment (CRE)

The School of Relational Embodiment delivers leading edge, international training in embodiment, bodywork and somatics, leading to certification in Relational Embodiment, Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Sex Education.

Postgraduate educational resources and support that are offered through our school include Clinical Supervision and Continuing Professional Development.


Somatic sexology is the meeting of somatics, which relates to the sensate body, with sexology, which relates to the scientific study of human sexuality.

The School of Relational Embodiment training is a merging of practices from ancient wisdom teachings from Africa, India and Asia, with leading edge research in affective relational neuroscience and psychology.

The Somatic Sex Education™ training, both CSB and CSSE levels, involves experiential practices which support self-regulation of physiological states, co-regulation and embodied self-expression.  This involves student practitioners learning and developing skills in a wide range of supportive modalities. The focus of the training is on facilitating client agency and choice in co-created sessions.

Somatic Sex Education™ supports new neural pathways firing, in the service of exploring new ways of being, and wiring them through practice.



RELATIONAL is what we all are. All matter is conscious which is recognised by the understanding that every thing is in relationship. Our internal biological and psychological systems are relational with each other and with the ecosystems of life and matter. Throughout life, from the moment we are born, we are all learning to moderate, regulate, reduce or intensify our visceral affect in our relationships with ourselves and each other to support our equilibrium.


TRUSTING SPONTANEITY involves viscerally knowing our power through opening our receptivity, becoming curious and learning ways to feel more of ourselves, repairing what has been hurt and impacted our equilibrium. This is imperative for our survival as a species. Our eros is biologically and hormonally enhanced through play in a reciprocal relationship. Trusting spontaneity is informed by, and affected by, our playful self-expression. The ways we are responded to, and the ways we impact others, teach us about our power and duty of care. Eros can be understood to be in service to the integration of all aspects of life.

EMBODIMENT can be understood to be our symbolic integrative relationship with our viscerally felt bodies’ alchemy. This is our ability to use language and symbols and conceptual structures to embody our viscera as it is streaming into our conscious awareness. These are learnt skills and tools which this training facilitates. Discovering, and gaining access to, symbols and language can help us self-reflect, communicate and integrate the visceral responses from our bodies and embody these. Symbols and language become embodied when they are versions of the body they were created from, rather than conceptualised ones from holograms. Without embodied, categorised, conscious awareness, that is compassionately representing the deep sea of the collective, viscerally informed, undifferentiated consciousness states of our bodies, we are facing an evolutionary western dilemma of living in disembodied conceptualised projected versions of our bodies that are not informed from emergence of our felt senses.

KINDNESS is how we share our worlds with each other, co-creating win-win supportive relationships together. We can learn to be the guardians of our bodies and of each other, with kindness and care, from attuned acknowledgement of our relationship with the physical, spiritual, emotional and erotic landscapes of our bodies and how we affect and are affected by each other in relationships.

THIS TRAINING IS POLITICAL, informing the ways we govern with care for our relationships with ourselves and each other. The first thing that we lose is democracy when management administration systems of power, informed by left brain survival functions to categorise, evaluate, strategise, commodify, compete and grasp, dominate our relationships with our bodies and each other. Our attuned sensory-informed collaborative relationships with our bodies and with each other suffer in these totalitarian states. This seems to be part of our western civilisation’s dilemma. Civilisation is not sustainable in separation from the logic of the biome – our biology. This training is a series of structures that support us in integrating exiled aspects of our being that have lost their belonging. Each of the explorations and assignments are designed in service to supporting our integrity, personal power and biological belonging.
PURPOSE can be understood to be the erotic charge that magnetises us to be part of the repair that is needed from the times where playing hurt or harmed. The modules throughout this training support practising playing with inhabiting new ways of being that authentically contribute to us indigenously coming home to belonging to our erotic, emotional and sensual naturalness.

WE TRAIN PRACTITIONERS wanting to embody their purpose in service to co-creating win-win harmony. This is how we can contribute to the politics of the civilisations we inhabit. There are a myriad of ways and practices that this training teaches and new ways you will discover in your uniqueness, with how you want to be in service, aligned with your purpose.

INTIMATE TOUCH, for many people and discussion, has been within a relationship or partner engagement. This is understandable – and there are other contexts, one of which is education and curiosity. In Somatic Sex Education sessions, practitioners intend to work outside of attraction or dis-attraction i.e partner engagement is set to one side in the service of learning. One of the somatic realms that Somatic Sex Educators introduce to our students is a state of arousal that is free of fantasy, unfinished emotional business, religious dogma, cultural caveats and habitual sexual behaviours. In this meditative state, an individual becomes aware of the body as a source of wisdom and freedom. One of the ways to access this fecund state is by actively receiving erotic bodywork. Helping others access and make use of a variety of erotic states is foundational to the education we offer.

COMING TOGETHER IN OUR COLLECTIVE POWER contributes to a somatic renaissance of practitioners pioneering this field.


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Enrol Below For Certificate in Sexological Bodywork Training:

Certification & Insurance

Upon completion of all requirements, students will be awarded the Certificate in Sexological Bodywork (CSB) and the Certificate in Embodied Sex Coaching (CESC) or, in the second year, the Certificate of Somatic Sexual Education (CSSE).


Graduates from this professional training can become members of The Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers (ACSB), the Somatic Sex Educators’ Association of Australasia (SSEAA) and apply for membership of the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists (ASIS) and be admitted to the World Association of Sex Coaches (WASC) with no further requirements.


This course is recognised by The Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists as offering a training of sufficient depth for practitioners to be eligible for insurance for their work. See for more details.




Tantra training and individual sessions often involve immersive role-play or sensuality focused experiences where boundaries and roles between practitioner and client may vary. There are many schools and interpretations of this ancient Eastern philosophy.


Tantra practitioners work within the treatment model whereas Somatic Sex Educators work in the coaching model in client-led sessions, adhering to the ACSB code of ethics and conduct, which primarily supports embodied choice and agency. 

Working with Trauma

When we are touched or we touch another, sensory receptivity may awaken memories into conscious awareness. 



Opening the senses involves discovering what a person feels able to comfortably be with. We all have limits with intensity of affect (affect relates to visceral responses in the body).



The relational embodiment foundations of this training, including the Wheel of Consent, Body Poem and Clean Language coaching models, support creating clear relationship agreements that honour limits with radical acceptance. 



Relational embodiment practices support radical acceptance and facilitate people feeling more of themselves in practices that are manageable. We teach the interpersonal neurobiology of trauma and how to support agency with ways of self-regulating intensity.



We recommended further specialist training in this field to work effectively with people who are living with the effects of Trauma and also understand that we are always working with aspects of being human that may disable our ability to participate.


Somatic Sex Educators often collaborate professionally with trauma specialists and psychotherapists supporting integration.

Katie Sarra

Katie Sarra


Katie is an Art Psychotherapist, founder of Body Poem, Relational Embodiment Therapist, Artist, Certified Somatic Sex Educator, Sexological Bodyworker, Certified Wheel of Consent facilitator and Playback Theatre Practitioner with over 30 years of professional practice.


Katie offers Clinical Supervision and Continuing Professional Development for Certified Somatic Sex Educators, Relational Embodiment Practitioners, Body Poets and Sexological Bodyworkers supporting you as a practitioner in sharing your gifts in alignment with your life purpose.

Katie is the founder and Director of The School of Relational Embodiment where she choreographs and teaches The Professional Certification in Body Poem, The UK, Ireland and Portugal Relational Embodiment, Somatic Sex Educator and Sexological Bodywork training with an international team of leading-edge educators. The School is part of the Sea School of Embodiment which Kian de la Cour and Katie founded 10 years ago having certified over 200 Somatic Sex Educators & Sexological Bodyworkers. Katie has enrolled in the “Right use of Power” teacher training with Cedar Barstow to support inclusivity within this training.

She follows the Code of Ethics of the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists (ASIS) and the Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers (ACSB).

She believes every human being has gifts to share and that these are often grown from where we have suffered the most. Our self-acceptance, kindness and ease with ourselves, when we have felt witnessed, can ripple out to support ease with others. 
“It’s a joy to be hidden and a disaster never to be found”
– Donald Winnicott.
“We are all the same under the skin but as humans, we have a special responsibility on this planet.”
– Jaak Panksepp
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